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The engine is based on a cutting edge technology that bases itself on industry validated Big 5, Intrinsic Values and Needs model. The engine computes Big 5 and other personality trails from textual and visual information.

Behavioral Insights is based on the technique of Psycholinguistics based on Linguistic Inquiry and Word Count (LIWC) dictionary, tone analysis and emotional recognition. It is scalable version of leadership behavioral assessment practices used in the industry. Talview has normalized the behavioral reporting using more than one million video responses enabled on its platform.

Most traditional assessments rely on direct inference based or scenario (many times not relevant to the person’s experience or background) based items with answers in multiple choice format. It is well known many such instruments have an inbuilt risk of candidates faking socially desirable responses thereby making the report unreliable.

Compared to this TBI has multiple advantages:

  • 1.TBI report is generated from a video interview conducted during a regular interview process. Hence it eliminates the need for the candidate to take an additional behavioral assessment and saves the logistics associated with it.
  • 2. Knowing socially accepted answers help candidates fake MCQ-based psychometric tests effortlessly and this reduces the accuracy of the behavioral analysis using such techniques. TBI engine analyses the subtext of their video or written response to the interview questions which cannot be faked by candidates easily.
  • 3. TBI has inherent learning capabilities which enables it to calibrate the reporting to suit the requirement of client organization and even specific teams within the organization. This helps to understand whether the candidate’s behavioral profile matches the organization’s cultural DNA.
  • 4. TBI analyzes candidate’s natural responses in spoken language to build a behavioral profile of the candidate which is a more accurate representation of candidate’s behavior than how he or she responds to questions by selecting a choice amongst multiple choices offered in traditional assessments.

Talview Behavioral Insights world’s first job competency report that leverages psycholinguistics, tone analysis and emotion recognition. It is derived from Video Interviews and textual inputs from assessments conducted on Talview Platform. Talview employs Psycholinguistics which is based on LIWC dictionary which is gold standard in computerized text analysis. LIWC was developed by researchers with interests in social, clinical, health, and cognitive psychology, the language categories were created to capture people’s social and psychological states.

Talview has calibrated the behavioral analysis engine with the data derived and processed from its experience of devising over a million video interviews so far. To achieve this, Talview has employed cutting edge machine learning algorithms, social media analysis, speech recognition, and video-audio analysis.

Talview Talent Insights is largely independent of accent. The engine has been used and tested for quality against US, UK and Indian English. While it supports a few languages so far, the team is extensively working to widen the array.

Please contact us using the Request Demo provided at the end of this webpage. Talview typically offers paid trials.

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