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Talview is a user-friendly interface that allows applicants and recruiters to setup the assessment in less than two minutes. Creating assessments and inviting applicants to the platform is a simple process. Talview also provides an option to centralize the recruitment by assigning master recruiters, who can view the entire process of all the recruiters. Governance of the workflow becomes much easier with Talview.

Finding quality candidates is quite a task nowadays; all doors seem to shut in finding quality candidates to choose from. It is a laborious task to send mails to a huge set of candidates, but with Talview's automated process you can reach wider candidate pool, recruiters can either upload a file with email addresses or copy+paste from a list. Adding questions to the assessments and assigning it to the candidates is a matter of a few clicks. Recruiters can forget about the process until all the assessments are complete as Talview provides option to set rules in the assessment that will automatically take the applicants to next section based on preconfigured cut-off marks.

Talview Hiring Analytics offers insights from the assessments conducted; data points generated in these assessments are used to improve candidate application filtering. It also helps recruiters to dynamically construct assessments, and recommend the best-suited panel members for candidates based on their replies in the assessments.

No, Talview has been designed to supplement itself with existing ATS in place. This means that no changes to the existing hiring process is required which makes integration.

According to the EEOC, “Under Title VII, it is not illegal for an employer to learn the race, gender or ethnicity of an individual prior to an interview. Of course, Title VII requires that all individuals be provided equal, nondiscriminatory treatment throughout the hiring process. If an employer representative observes a job seeker in a video clip, and either learns or surmises the person’s gender, race, or ethnicity, such knowledge could increase the risk of discrimination or the appearance of discrimination. Employers need to take care in training hiring officials and human resources staff about the appropriate responses when gender, race, or ethnicity are disclosed during recruitment. Video clips might be analogized to information on a resume that clearly tells an individual’s race, such as, “President, Black Law Students Association.” In this situation, as with the video clip, the employer needs to focus on the person’s qualifications for the job.”

Yes, multiple formats of tests can be combined for a candidate.

No, sharing of login details is prohibited as it is against company's policy.

Some of the features available are Question Randomization, Geographic Tagging, Restriction of Test Access, Candidate Fingerprinting, Advanced Browser Window Tracking Switch, Disabled Copy/Paste Option, Automated Alerts and more.

No. We have partners who can help to source candidates as an when required.

No, the platform doesn't come with predefined questions. However, it can be uploaded by the recruiters/hiring managers as per their requirement. We also have assessment partners whose content is available on our platform. Additional charges may apply for the content provided.

Our support team is available 24x7, 365 days over phone, email or chat to help you with any difficulties before, during and after the assessment.

Our support team is available 24x7, 365 days over phone, email or chat to help you with any difficulties before, during and after the assessment.

No, Talview is a browser based application and it doesn't require any installation of softwares.

No, we do not have a mobile app for recruiters. However the html app is mobile friendly and can be used by the recruiters from tablet or phone for most critical activties.

Yes, only for Live Interview on mobile, tablets and other smart devices.

Yes, it is available on both iOS and Android devices. Talview Candidate App supports Automated Video Interview, Proctored MCQ and Talview Live is for Live Interview.

We support all languages by default or through customization.

No, Talview application comes with panel logins in a default plan.

We provide services all over the world and currently we are serving clients across the globe.

Unlimited, its highly scalable application and have already been used by clients to conduct test for thousands concurrently.

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