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Talview Talent Insights is world’s first hiring solution that harnesses the power of advanced data science & machine learning algorithms, video-audio analysis, social media analytics, psycholinguistics, and speech recognition along with Talview's experience of orchestrating more than a million video interviews to help organizations build better teams and gain competitive advantage.

Yes, you can implement Talview Candidate Insights for screening and selection - this would be relevant for you. It provides you with analysis of candidates that are already identified based on skill match, industry-validated Big Five Model, Intrinsic Needs & Values, body language & communication skills leveraging video interviews and data.

IBM Watson powers Talview's Talent Insights. The competency match and behavioral profile is generated leveraging text, image and speech analytics. It uses a method that is based on existing research and leverages industry accepted approaches such as using a Linguistic Inquiry and Word Count (LIWC) psycholinguistic dictionary to find psychologically meaningful word categories for Big 5 Model. The interpretations made by the system are derived based on more than a million candidate video assessments performed by Talview till date.

Along with IBM Watson's research, Talview leverages its experience of orchestrating over a million video interviews. With constant learning and iterating the results, Talview has come to offer its services to businesses in need of establishing productivity in their teams.

Yes, please contact us for a free trial of Talview Candidate Insights. For a detailed explanation on how the tool works, see this demonstration. If you'd like a personalized trial with your applicants, please contact us here.

Every business has its own needs and specifics; we'd like to know a little about your organization before we quote the price. Contact us here to get a personalized pricing list.

Many existing Talview clients including Fortune 500 companies have currently deployed the tool to enhance candidate intake.

Clients have seen up to 87% return in the first year. If you'd like to know more, contact our solution experts for detailed case studies.

Talview Candidate Insights is available for immediate deployment; other aspects are in Beta version and will soon be made available for consumption. If you would like to find out the timeline of its availability kindly, contact us here.

Talview has always been at the forefront of innovation. Through Talview Talent Insights, we at Talview are aiming to explore multiple aspects of Digital Footprint Analysis, Attrition Prediction, and Retention Prediction Score among others to help you source, hire, onboard and retain the best talent. We will post our updates on this site, kindly visit.

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